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Thread: Pendrives

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    Hi there. Can any member advise on suitable pendrives for making Persistent Home Directories? I have a 4GB Maxell and have tried to configure it, but it has a password protection file, iStar which keeps blocking Knoppix from using the drive. I have tried to delete iStar from the pendrive but it has turned out to be impossible. I have reformatted the drive but still iStar is there. Maybe I should buy another one, but which ones do not have this iStar form of password protection? Ideally you do not need one for this purpose. Anyone any ideas? Many thanks. Cypher

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    Personally, I use PNY. Have you a Best Buy in your area? Geek Squad has there own usb pendrives, very dependable.

    In the meantime, if you wish to get rid of all info on a pendrive, try :

    Fdisk -l (lower-case L) To get where the drive is and then:

    sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/your drive here

    be very , very careful with this command, make sure it IS your pendrive. alll information will be wiped. Then just reformat.

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    Hi there Hayden78. Thanks for coming in on this. I am too timid to try obliterating iStar like that so I shall go for the easier option of buying a new pendrive. I have seen some LG's that aparently have software protection that can be used or not used, depending on what you want. With iStar I had no choice and that was bad for Knoppix, so maybe with the LG models I will be okay, at least I do not need to use the password protection side of it. Thank again for being so kind. Regards Cypher

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    With the number of "pendrives" that have come from the factory with trojans/spyware on them, I'd recommend wiping any drive as an automatic first step (as Hayden suggested.)

    Identify which /dev/sd[X] is your pendrive with:

    fdisk -l
    Make sure the drive isn't mounted by ensuring it's not listed in:

    df -ah
    Wipe the drive:

    dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sd[X]

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    Yikes HROAdmin26. What a dreadful prospect. Okay so I shall get the new Pendrive and 'wipe' it as per the sugestion. Not had a great lot of problems with Trojans, etc, but then again, I don't think I want to actually invite them in on the back of a new Pendrive.

    You see what I mean guy's? This forum is the tops for knowledgeable and caring members. Thanks again. Cypher

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