I have currently a setup of windows Xp and Kubuntu 8.10 on my computer.
Kubuntu is usually great, but the KDE4 on the new version of Kubuntu is giving me problems (with resolution and stuff).
I want a poormans install because Kubuntu, on average, works great, but want a solid OS incase the kde goes on a fritz.

So I downloaded the following dvd iso of knoppix
It is on my H: drive (/dev/sdb6) (ntfs drive, sorry, fat32 doesn't support files greater than 4gb)

So my question is this, what text do I enter in my kubuntu "menu.lst" to allow me a poor-mans install with out causing me to burn a dvd?
There is an article for such a procedure for windows, but since i already have kubuntu (and Grub) installed, can some just guide me what text to enter in my menu.lst file?

Thanks in advance