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    Which one first? MBR or sudo fdisk -1

    Hello, I am one of the newbee's who installed Knoppix DVD 5.3.1 onto my old AMD550 machine, runs great on CD/DVD and Installed, but haven't been able to get my wireless (ATT 2Wire) to run and with all the articles about installing I have decided to remove Knoppix from my drive, so after reading your posted messages, which is considered the better option: ""remove the MBR for dual-booting--or-remove the entire program via su fdisk or su cfdisk?"" Thanks

    BYI, to installed Knoppix I followed this web site;

    my old machine had a AMD 550 cpu with a video card that wasn't Ati,so;
    Debian kde and gnome had cpu errors.
    Ubuntu had errors and won't run the CD.
    Freespire stated RSDP not loaded-so I guess its ASPI? But ran great on CD.
    Mandriva CD ran great BUT REAL SLOW.
    Mepis-just downloaded to try?
    openSUSE-just read their web site, will try later

    any suggestions are welcome, Thank you.

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    Hi and Welcome !

    Which Graphics Card do you have? Installers of most of distros are not configuring your Graphics Card properly but its easy to install install any Linux distro in text mode and configure Graphics Card later.

    There is no need to remove partitions or MBR. Just install Linux on existing partition(s). Installer will rewite boot loader in MBR.
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