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    Burning DVDs using live distro: K3B or equiv?

    I want to boot a PC off a live Linux CD that has a
    DVD writer, and then use the DVD writer to copy
    the files on the PC's hard disk to a DVD.
    I downloaded and tried using Knoppix Live 6.0.1,
    but apparently it does not include K3B. (That's
    not surprising, since there's only so much you
    can fit on a single CD-ROM.)
    I went to the K3B website and tried to download
    a binary package, but was unable to get it to
    work. Has anyone done this, either with Knoppix
    or with another live distro, or have any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance for any help.
    Tom ("thomas.hedden")

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    You could try using Parted Magic. It runs from the liveCD but is a much smaller download and comes with all kinds of useful utilities for working with computers. It's really a very valuable tool to keep on hand. You won't find K3B on it, but it comes with Xfburn which should be able to handle your CD/DVD burning needs.

    Here's a listing of the programs that come on the CD:


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    Unless you have two CD/DVD drives, I believe you need a distro that can boot entirely from RAM, and therefore allow you to remove the disk during operation. (Or boot from a USB drive.) Parted Magic allows that. Puppy Linux does as well. I have no idea if Knoppix does.

    If you are able to, Knoppix is based on Debian, so you should be ale to just apt-get install k3b to add the app during a live session.

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    Does the LiveCD have mkisofs and growisofs installed? If so, then you can do manually what k3b does via the GUI. You use growisofs (it front-ends mkisofs) to create and burn a DVD image from files on your hard drive.
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