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    Unhappy Knoppix Live 6.0.1 display problem

    I'm a total Linux n00b.
    I burned a Live CD which works well on my laptop & my desktop.
    I was at a client's house, trying to access their H/P which has a 1600 X 1200 LCD monitor (approximately).

    Knoppix boots fine but when it gets to the GUI, the monitor goes blank for a couple of seconds and then gets gray-white at the edges. This gray-white grows until it covers the whole screen and then the monitor goes blank.

    A couple of times it thought I could dimly see some "command line" type of displays or something in the gray-white but it was very faint.

    It appears that Knoppix is running because I can briefly press the power button and the text display shows up with the shut-down sequence and the "remove media" message.

    What's going on?

    Is there something I can do here?
    Should I look at another brand live CD?
    I need something that allows me to work with Windows hdd's .


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    Welcome to the forums!

    I'd recommend trying to boot it using one or more of the knoppix cheat codes to see if you can get past this hurdle:

    Cheat Codes - Knoppix Documentation Wiki

    It sounds graphical in nature so I'd look at those options first.

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    I'll try shortly, but...
    It looks a bit over-whelming, though.
    I R stoopid at this point, y'know?.

    Do I get this cheats option at the "boot"?

    I don't have access to the trouble-maker for any extended period so how do I know what to try? [I can't charge for time spent experimenting]
    The different graphics cheats are near meaningless to me rat now.

    How would I know what to try & how to try it?

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    They describe how to implement them in the first paragraph on their web page:

    Cheatcodes are used to pass options to KNOPPIX to help with getting it working on difficult hardware. You type them into the boot screen and press enter/return. The format is "kernel option option option ...". Usually "knoppix" is the right selection for the "kernel". You can type more than one cheatcode before pressing enter. Also note that some options can take on values.

    Example: "knoppix xvrefresh=60 noscsi floppyconfig"

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    I'll muddle around and see if I can get a grip on the process.

    I hate being n00

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