I've got knoppix set up as a kiosk system running off of a CF card over a SATA adaptor.

On the CF I have a fat32 partition that contains a knoppix image that boots up and expands out into a working knoppix system.

The problem is, because it's on a writeable drive, knoppix is doing one of 2 things:

If i don't have a knoppix-data.img file, it prompts at bootup to create one, asking how large i'd want to make it.

If I DO have a knoppix-data.img file, it saves settings across bootups which is behavior i don't want on a kiosk.

I'd like this thing to be read only. Any ideas how I could either turn off the prompt for creation of an image, or how i could otherwise disable saving to the knoppix-data.img file?

Any and all hacks/ideas appreciated, I need to finish this project and I'm stumped. : (