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    Problems with editing minirt (using cpio) - the modified version hangs

    Hey guys

    How are you all? I am new to these forums (not necessarily new to linux)

    I got my self obsessed with editing F-Protect Rescue Disk's init and I've edited minirt/init but I am having trouble constructing the minirt properly. No matter what I do, when FProtect loads and starts to load the minirt, it simply hangs while detecting for wireless cards and networks (the very start of the booting process). When booting the original ISO, this does not happen.

    I edited its init because I wanted to change its $knoppix_dir from 'KNOPPIX' to 'FPROT'. I am on Ubuntu 9.04 and these are the steps I have taken:

    - I extracted f-secure-rescue-cd-3.11-23804.iso/boot/isolinux/fsecure/minirt to the desktop

    - I used gunzip to extract the file and I got minirt

    - I right clicked minirt and I selected Extract (via root).

    - I edited init inside the extracted files and I saved the files

    - I than used the following cpio command:

    find . | cpio --create --format='newc' > /home/james_w/Desktop/minirt
    Of course the original minirt was deleted.
    I then used gzip minirt and I recreated the file. Popped it back into the ISO (via UltraISO) and when I boot, I see the welcome screen, press Ener and loads the kernel and starts scanning the networks and that's about it, I am left with a flashing cursor on the screen. This does not happen with the original minirt.gz, it happens only with the modified minirt.

    I've googled around and the above cpio command is one of the only ones that gives the new minirt a bit of life. Other one I have tried won' event start the minirt.

    Please assist me if you can. I know I can use mkinitramfs but I am not sure how to use this one. Last time I used it didn't turn out what I expected.

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    I fixed the problem! I feel like an idiot. A bit of a mix up. I forgot to rename the KNOPPIX directory inside the ISO after re-adding minirt.gz because there was a renamed one outside the dir and I was testing the ISO only - directly booting it from VB.

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