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    I don't normally recommend using dd comand rather than using SuperGrub, but I suspect in your case unless you have 2 x CD drives or can burn the SuperGrub CD or USB drive on another PC then dd is your best option ...
    open a terminal and as root type the following - be careful you type correctly its easy to wipe the drive with dd !
    dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=446 count=1
    that will wipe the code part of the MBR of /dev/sda (your hard drive).

    After that restart the system, and it should boot to Windows. If that does not work then at least your Dell rescue/restore CD should work from that point onwards

    Ed: it sounds like you were about to do a re-install anyway. If you want to wipe the MBR including the partition table then replace bs=446 with bs=512 in the above command. Leave out bs and count and you zero the whole drive ... man dd or see here for more info
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    thanks for all teh help so far guys! I really wnt to actaulyl install linux of some sort on my own computer someday, however this isn't m machine. i appreciate all the help!

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