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    Exclamation Confusing network issue

    I sincerely don't understand how this is happening.
    I have 2 machines networked(attempted) togather via Nvidia Nforce network adapter on a 790i Ultra sli motherboard. This board has two built in Ethernet ports

    I have a little knoppix machine and a Windows 7 machine (Device with the 790I)

    The Knoppix machine once plugged into the Win7 Machine will attempt to auto-connect and then state that it is "Disconnected from the Network"

    The Windows 7 Machine recognizes the connection as active and attempts to negotiate a connection, my firewall recognizes a connection asks me to enable it and allow it to pass through. Windows7 However is unable to recognise the devices connected (understandable)

    In any case i cant get the knoppix box to decide it actually is connected. I have TightVNC Server running on Knoppix box and i am trying to connect to it, or hell even from it to my PC. Any help would be appreciated.

    So far i have
    Windows 7
    -Set IPv4 subnet: Default Gateway:
    Knoppix 6.2
    -Set IPv4 Subnet: Default Gateway:

    Thanks in Advance

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    it seems like you've got the same gateway IP address for windows 7 that means that win 7 are the gateway machine in your network. Seems like a routing problem make sure that packets can be properly forwarded between the 2 net interfaces in the windows machine, else use a different gateway address (router's ip)

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    Thanks for the reply, I guess i should have mentioned I'm not using a router. Direct connect between the two machines. I'm thinking it might ba a sketchy crossover cable. Any other suggestions are greatl apreciated.

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    I think what you have is a non-standard setup (although a valid one) that causes the GUI tools to become confused.

    Don't let W7 fool you into thinking that it can recognize all different kinds of setups. It'll detect that a cable is inserted. it'll detect another ethernet device on the other side of the cable. And that is what makes it think it's connected. It does not mean everything is configured properly, just that it can hear another ethernet device on the other side of the cable.
    If it's negotiating, like you say, my first thought is that it's requesting a DHCP lease. That should not happen. Are you sure you defined it's networking metrics statically? I assume you did.

    Maybe try this:
    W7 box
    IP address:
    IP address:
    And try to ping one machine from the other. Does that work?
    Can't tell an OS by it's GUI

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    There are a lot of questions. Are these two machines
    just connected to each other and nothing else, or
    is one also connected to the internet (through a second

    Are their IP addresses configured manually, or are they
    trying to get addresses through DHCP?

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    Fixed my own problems Works great now. I just park the Knoppix box in the corner and it goes. My problem was I didn't inspect the cable i bought closely enough and bought a Cat-5e Straight through cable as opposed to a Cat5E Crossover cable. Configured the network, Setup VNC on my knoppix box and it works wonders :d Thanks for all the help guys

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