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    Knoppix 6.2, X11 crashes when disk gets "too full", any fix??

    Greetings Earthlings,

    I've been using Knoppix 6.2 (CD) for several months now, and have found a consistent major problem with it. My laptop has 1GB of memory. When I use more than an uncertain amount (depends on what else is running or has been run) of the "free" filesystem space, the X server suddenly crashes and the system shuts down. With a fresh boot, I can use nearly the full 1GB before X blows up. With Firefox/Iceweasel running for a while, as little as 100MB can trigger the crash.

    Added: I should mention -- (1) the CD runs LXDE; (2) it appears to be /usr/bin/X (Xorg) that crashes, because when I check the exit code from /usr/bin/xinit in the /usr/bin/startx script, the exit code is zero. Unfortunately, I cannot trap the exit code from /usr/bin/X because it is a child of /usr/bin/xinit rather than being a child of the shell directly. Also, (3) because xinit is returning an exit code of zero to the script, there's no way (AFAIK) to detect whether it exited due to a crash or due to an intentionally commanded shutdown.

    Once X crashes, the system remains in graphics mode, but it goes through the shutdown sequence and powers the machine off. It's unstoppable with the system as delivered on the LiveCD.

    By changing the "/usr/bin/startx" script so that, immediately after the "xinit" command (line 190 of the script) the script will next run "bash" instead of just exiting, I can prevent the system from proceeding to shut down and power down.

    Unfortunately, the system is left stuck in graphics mode, with the now-dead X11 session still displayed but totally unresponsive. Although it looks like some keys are being recognized, the "magic sysreq" keys still won't reset the keyboard mode, and none of the usual hotkeys (ctrl-alt-F4, or ctrl-alt-backspace) switch to a working tty.

    Does anyone know how to FORCE the system out of graphics mode and into one of the still-available tty screens? Are there other programs I can stuff into the "startx" script, instead of just "bash", so that it will automatically force the machine out of graphics mode and perhaps even reset the keyboard mode?

    I should further note that the power button on my computer is still recognized after the crash. I have tried modifying the /etc/acpi/ script so that it runs "init 2" instead of "shutdown". The use of the power button after the crash very obviously still functions BUT even "init 2" does NOT manage to get the display out of graphics mode.

    I've tried the forum, but it seems to be dead nowadays.

    Any ideas? AdvThanksance.

    Added: I've had the same problem with the 6.2.2 DVD (I think -- but maybe it's 6.2.1); it's actually much worse, since the DVD automatically runs a bunch of unnecessary programs, notably an "effects" program that uses up lots of memory and has some huge memory leaks. Left running for a few hours, just sitting idle with nothing saved and nothing being done on it, it will blow up on its own.
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