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    How set permanent keyboard layout (one exactly) after boot in Knoppix 6.2

    I' like to set keyboard layout permenently to polish (PL) to boot every time I load Knoppix 6.2.

    I'm newbie.

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    How much Linux do you know? It can get a little complicated.

    Basically, you are going to need to modify the .iso file and burn a new copy. It's a lot easier if you are booting from a flash drive.

    If you're booting from a flash drive, the easiest thing to do is to first boot your system off a CD, then plug the flash drive in (so that you can edit files on the flash drive), and edit the file:
    Look for the place on the second line that says "lang=en", and just change that to "lang=pl".

    For a boot CD (or DVD), you'll need to use a hex editor on the .iso image and make the change, then burn the CD from the modified image.

    This assumes that the Polish language stuff is already loaded on your CD (or DVD) and that you just specify a cheatcode to switch to it.

    If not -- if you have to do something else to install and load Polish -- then you're going to have to do a full remaster, add the language pack, and burn the new .iso.

    Hope this was of some help, anyway.

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