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    Can read sda1 but not sda2.

    I have a 120gb western digital drive which was previously the second hard drive on a computer which crashed.

    It is a 3 partition drive formated by windows XP.

    The 1st partition (sda1) reads perfectly on Knoppix 6.2, but I can not access the other two partitions.

    I am not familiar with linux, but had used knoppix before to access drives without problems.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    1. did you move jumpers so drive is a master?
    2. what filesystem is on the different partitions? If ntfs,
    try "ntfsmount" in lieu of "mount"
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    If the Drive has crashed ... and you just want the data ...
    The first thing you should do is read all information that's there in one go.

    Considering the drive has only 120G that shouldn't be a problem useing:
    # dd if=/dev/hda1 bs=4k conv=noerror,sync > hda1.img
    Later you can mount the filesystem from the files:
    # mount hda1.img /mnt/hda1/ -o ro,loop

    Additional you can tell the fs when mounting:
    # mount hda1.img /mnt/hda1/ -t ntfs -o ro,loop

    Or copy the img onto an working HDD .... starting windows

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