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    Floppy drive and more - Newbie

    Knoppix 6.2

    A newbie's newbie!

    With several problems

    Using a hard drive for boot up.

    I caused the first problem by playing with the settings

    1st - My desktop is off center and on the right - I can get it back by going to monitor settings and changing the default monitor settings from 1024 X 768 to 832 x 624 auto.
    The problem is that every time I reboot it must first perform this setup to get my normal desktop screen back. Also, regarding the desktop I lost most of my task bar icons and I also have about 1/2 inch of blank at the top of the screen - Again, done by the genius! Duh!

    2nd - I am trying to install an old 3.5 floppy drive that came with the computer (yeah, I still have a few thousand floppies just laying around here) but when I go into My Documents, it sees the floppy but says to mount file system. When I click mount the file system, I get an: error <i>org.freedesktop.Hal. Device.Volume.UnknownFailure</i>


    Directory doesn't exist!

    So how do I make a directory and mount the floppy?


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    Hello and welcome to the forums!

    You should be able to edit your /etc/X11/xorg.conf file using the proper specs to get the desktop working. Check the manual for your monitor for the proper vertical and horizontal sync rates, and the proper screen resolution.

    You'll probably need to edit the /etc/fstab file and add an entry for the floppy drive if you haven't done so already.

    To make a directory, the terminal command is mkdir:

    mkdir new_directory_name
    Check the manual page for more on using the mkdir command:

    man mkdir
    Note that you'll need root permissions to make directories outside of your /home folder.

    For more on using the command line under Linux, check out this site: Learn the Linux command line

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    Thanks, Ozar - will iinvestigate the link... Thanks again.

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