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    Sata drive 1 and 2- Recovery

    Hi every one.

    This is my first post so i apologise in advance for any mistakes.

    I have a windows xp machine with 2 sata hdd.

    the main sata drive has the windows operating system on it DRIVE C:

    the second SATA drive DRIVE F: was used only to store music pictures and films.

    2 days ago upon rebooting the pc, windows decided to run checkdsk on drive F; checking for consistency but it remained at 0 percent for over 4 hours so i rebooted pc logged into windows as normal. I can access all files in c drive but when i try to access drive F: i get a message saying cannot access drive f:because of input/output error.

    so i downloaded the latest knoppix,very impressive, it detected and mounted sata drive 1 (C: drive) but did not mount Sata 2 (Drive f it does pick it up and states the type of drive it is but it hasn't mounted it and i cannot access it or any files on it.

    Do you have any ideas what i can do and if it is at all possible do get the family pictures off it?

    I'm new to knoppix but find it impressive and would like any ideas you have through your knowledge or any programs you know that can recover data from a drive like this.

    thanks in advance

    warm regards,


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    Usually you should create a new thread ...
    Well anyway ...

    As you wirte you have two drives.

    In Linux a harddisk is listed in /dev
    as hd* or sd* (hd are pata drives and sd are scsi, sata, usb whatever drives)

    So first:
    ls -al /dev/sd*
    will show you a list of all found sata disks and the partitions
    sda is the harddisk
    sda1 is the first partition

    If the drive is listed you should make a backup first.

    You can also try to mount it manual
    sudo su
    mkdir -p /media/sdb1
    mount /dev/sdb1 /media/sdb1
    That could also give you some error code if the hardware is defekt.
    If it tells you that the filesystem wasn't closed correctly ... don't force is ... I did that one time ... didn't work out well.

    If it's the file-system that got corrupted you will need to use windows-recovery tools.

    Other infos you may can use:
    smartmontool (can read the SMART values of the drive ... like tempreture, readerrors, writeerrors, aso)
    badblocks (will write and read info onto a hdd to check for errors ... just use it after backup)
    dd (disk dump is able to read info direct from the hdd ... for backups)

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    Quote Originally Posted by eagle6692 View Post
    Do you have any ideas what i can do and if it is at all possible do get the family pictures off it?
    Hello and welcome!

    Don't know that they'll help, but you can check out TestDisk and PhotoRec to see if either of them can help with your recovery efforts:

    TestDisk - CGSecurity

    PhotoRec - CGSecurity

    Both can be found on the Parted Magic LiveCD:

    Parted Magic

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    Hi Everyone,

    Really appreciate your help. I will try all the things you have suggested.

    I will keep you all posted.

    Warm Regards,


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