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    Basic Knoppix 6.2 questions

    I have a Knoppix 6.2 LiveCD that boots up fine on a Windows XP home machine sp2.

    It then gives me menus where I can mount a hard-drive or partition, no problem there, it lists all of the computer's volumes and allows me to choose which volume I want to look at in File Manager.

    Two problems occur next:
    1) It complains about which charset to use - there's an error, perhaps it doesn't know my volumes are of a certain type, naturally, they are NTFS.

    2) Then when I choose to skip rather than cancel or whatever, I am able to browse my directories quite well, and there are 10 commands at the bottom but the commands always give an error - should I use a number, a letter, or the whole word?

    Anyone know what I am talking about?

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    Is there documentation for Knoppix, and specifically vers. 6.2?

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    The Knoppix Wiki includes some good documentation, but I don't think that most of it was written for any particular Knoppix release:

    Main Page - Knoppix Documentation Wiki

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    I'm beginning to find discussions on Midnight Commander since that is the application that wants me to set the charset.

    Here's a fragment of what I need.
    As first, you need to setup charset of input/output (must be equal to your system charset). Setting is made in the 'Display bits' dialog window ...

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    I forgot to mention that I know how to use the commands in Midnight Commander - the numbers correspond to F keys, so each F key from 1 to 10 maps to a command - like copy, renmov, delete, whatever, quit, etc..

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    Hi there.

    Are you just trying to mount your XP drive in Knoppix to copy/move files?

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    Hi Jay,

    The mounting is going fine, in fact, the only issue I'm trying to resolve is the charset issue - I need to get on an XP machine and
    see what Windows XP uses.

    But I could probably just use the commands and go ahead and delete, I was just a little worried about what the file/directory
    tables will look like after I hit delete - I worry about things like standards of binary trees - like preorder, inorder, postorder, are they the same, or will Windows XP bard on something when I reload the drive into my other pc and boot. I'm just dragging my feet a little.

    And I do realize that I can just rename the files and directories, and that this will in most if not all cases, render the malware useless. At least I've been able to find where all of the files are. That's a great help. I just don't like deleting stuff when it displays the directory C:\documents and settings\ as c:\documents~ettings. I'm just a little hesitant. But it will probably work ok - but I'm not someone who doesn't mistrust easily - years of experience with stuff that doesn't work properly and years of reading articles that fail to mention one important point - like a SID change or something. Security ID. I don't want to ruin my hard-drive experimenting. I should have built and experimental machine - I might even do this first.

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