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    Install Fully Functional DamnSmallLinux on ThinClient T5530 64mb hdd

    Hi guise.


    Ive been trying to install DSL permanently to the intern 64mb ATA flash chip on my T5530 Thin Client, without any luck.

    Several of the DSL guides I've ran across says that its minimum required 200mb or 128mb from the swap disk. Ive tried to work around this, but then after its filled up the 14mb I give hda1 swap, it gives write error naturally.

    Its got 64mb hdd, and Ive understood DSL only takes 50mb, so there should be 14 mb swap space available. correct?

    How can I make DSL functionally working installed to the 64mb hdd? Any help is deeply appreciated. I'd love to see this Thin Client get some real use

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    I've installed Debian Etch on a 64mb ARM system, and have 50mb left over to run programs. I use it for embedded systems development. As for the flash drive, you will probably need to remove a lot of unneeded tools and applications in order to fit everything you need besides the kernel files and system libraries.
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