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    swap file on knoppix 3.6

    is it safe to create swap file on ([d:\] windows partition) because
    all of my file on d:\ partition

    and may i know how it works this swap file on knoppix ?
    it will swept away all my files ?

    i only have 96 MB RAM

    thanks for concerned

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    you want to create a swap partition, right?
    before you resize your current windows partition, you must be aware that it is sometime risky...(In my opinion anyway) make sure you defrag before attempting anything that radical... you would also want to make sure you have some type of backup in case you lose your info on your "d:"

    I'm not saying it'll crash for sure,... im simply saying that "over cautionness" is not a privilege, its a must when it comes to important data.. (personnal experience with a Development partition with sourceSafe "M$" that crashed cause of this...)
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