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    Can not get Knoppix to start on my laptop.

    Hello folks. My old Dell Inspiron 1520 has died, and I am attempting to use Knoppix in order to access some files on my hard drive so I can get them into a USB drive and then over to my new laptop.

    However I can not seem to get it to start. I downloaded the newest version from BitTorrent, I burned the ISO to CD, I know how to change the BIOS nonsense so the laptop boots from the CD drive.

    I then see the Welcome screen for Knoppix, and then some nonsense, and then the following:

    >>Starting in Live-Mode
    >>Please do not remove medium util shutdown!

    And....then nothing happens. There is a blinking cursor below that. Desktop never starts. Am I missing something simple here? Do I have to enter some sort of command?

    Any advice would be appreciated greatly. I have no hopes for salvaging my ancient laptop but there are several important files of works in progress I'd love to retrieve. Knoppix seems like a good way to do it, if I can get the danged thing to actually start. Thank you!

    EDIT: Literally 3 seconds after I posted this topic the welcome screen vanished and was replaced by a completely blank, black screen. That seems bad.

    EDIT 2: Burned a second CD of the same file, this time it worked. Woo hoo. No clue what happened first time. Thanks anyways!
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