Hey guys,

I'm pretty new to using linux - normally used to working on OSX. I have been getting to grips using Linux and I am currently following a tutorial creating an Ubuntu tor browsing environment on a windows partition.

I installed a copy of damn small linux on VirtualBox but after some research Knoppix seems like the better option. Bare with me... as I used to think I knew my way round a computer and Linux has completely shot my previous confidence.

I was instructed to install DamnSmallLinux on a non-bootable virtual hard disk (on VirtualBox.) I then enabled a second network adapter in the settings box of the DSL virtual partition and attached it to the internal network.

I then right clicked and went to system>daemons>ssh>start. Right clicked again and went to XShells>Root Access>Transparent, a prompt came up. I created a new password then typed ifconfig eth1

I then took a snapshot of the current state and was told just to return to that snapshot of DSL to turn on the new firewall.

Now my problems are three fold
1)I don't know what what the hell I just did, or the purpose of everything I switched on.
2)Due to the first reason I don't know if it works
3)From some reading Knoppix sounds like a better alternative to DSL

So... I was wondering if anyone could explain or even better send some in depth reading material to explain what I did and it's purpose and how it works. I kind of know the basics but thats not really good enough.

Also if some could explain or send me a tutorial to do the same thing but in Knoppix (this is meant to run alongside the Ubuntu-Tor browsing environment.)

Linux veterans are probably giving me funny looks at this point but any help/reading material/tutorials would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks!