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    DSL-n: how to mount a 1.7MB floppy created on MS-DOS ?

    Hi all !

    From DSL-n I try to read a 1.7MB floppy, formatted under MS-DOS with a special old tool called fdformat.exe .
    (1.7MB is an enhanced floppy capicity > 1.44MB classical one.)

    When I use the mount tool, it says I've to give fs type.
    I guess I have to do that with a command line.

    What is the right syntax ?

    mount -t vfat /dev/fd0 /mnt/floppy ... ???

    I guess fs type is "vfat" since this floppy is comming from MS--DOS.

    Do I have to specify in the mount syntax the number of sectors to say it's a special format ? How ?

    Heeeelp !



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    Hi again,

    I tried many things like this with DSL-n and MacPup;

    # mount -t xxx /dev/fd0u1760 /mnt/floppy
    xxx= vfat, msdos, auto
    yyy=fd0u1760 or fd0u1722 , I don't know the exact format of the floppy.

    Although /dev/yyy exists, I always have :

    /dev/yyy "is not a valid block device"

    WTFIT ?!?

    How could I fix that ?
    Is Knoppix the best live distro to mount a 1.7MB floppy ?
    Could live distro be a problem ?



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    I'll take a stab though I am not on a floppy dive computer right now or in Puppy or Knoppix. I am in Antix..

    Lets say I wanna see the dvdrw.
    I am doing all this searching for files and devices using command line in a terminal.
    $ cd /dev
    $ ls
    agpgart          loop3               ram3        tty0   tty39  ttyS2
    audio            loop4               ram4        tty1   tty4   ttyS3
    autofs           loop5               ram5        tty10  tty40  uinput
    block            loop6               ram6        tty11  tty41  urandom
    bsg              loop7               ram7        tty12  tty42  v4l
    btrfs-control    loop-control        ram8        tty13  tty43  vcs
    bus              lp0                 ram9        tty14  tty44  vcs1
    cdrom            MAKEDEV             random      tty15  tty45  vcs2
    cdrw             mapper              rfkill      tty16  tty46  vcs3
    char             mcelog              root        tty17  tty47  vcs4
    console          media0              rtc         tty18  tty48  vcs5
    core             mei                 rtc0        tty19  tty49  vcs6
    cpu              mem                 sda         tty2   tty5   vcs7
    cpu_dma_latency  mixer               sda1        tty20  tty50  vcsa
    disk             net                 sda2        tty21  tty51  vcsa1
    dri              network_latency     sda3        tty22  tty52  vcsa2
    dsp              network_throughput  sda5        tty23  tty53  vcsa3
    dvd              null                sda6        tty24  tty54  vcsa4
    fb0              parport0            sda7        tty25  tty55  vcsa5
    fd               port                sequencer   tty26  tty56  vcsa6
    fd0              ppp                 sequencer2  tty27  tty57  vcsa7
    full             psaux               sg0         tty28  tty58  vga_arbiter
    fuse             ptmx                sg1         tty29  tty59  vhost-net
    gpmctl           pts                 shm         tty3   tty6   video0
    hidraw0          ram0                snapshot    tty30  tty60  watchdog
    hidraw1          ram1                snd         tty31  tty61  watchdog0
    hpet             ram10               sndstat     tty32  tty62  xconsole
    input            ram11               sr0         tty33  tty63  zero
    kmsg             ram12               stderr      tty34  tty7
    log              ram13               stdin       tty35  tty8
    loop0            ram14               stdout      tty36  tty9
    loop1            ram15               tpm0        tty37  ttyS0
    loop2            ram2                tty         tty38  ttyS1
    $ cd /mnt
    $ ls
    antiX  temp  temp2
    $ cd /media
    $ ls
    cdrom  sda1  sda3  sda6  sda7
    Now lets look in fstab

    $ cd /etc
    $ ls
    abcde.conf              hosts.allow          polkit-1
    acpi                    hosts.deny           ppp
    adduser.conf            iceweasel            profile
    adjtime                 ifplugd              profile.d
    alternatives            init                 protocols
    antixsnapshot.conf      init.d               pulse
    antix-version           initramfs-tools      purple
    apm                     inittab              python
    apt                     inputrc              python2.7
    asciidoc                insserv              ranger
    avahi                   insserv.conf         rc0.d
    avserver.conf           insserv.conf.d       rc1.d
    bash.bashrc              rc2.d
    bash_completion         iproute2             rc3.d
    bash_completion.d       irssi.conf           rc4.d
    bindresvport.blacklist  issue                rc5.d
    binfmt.d                issue.dpkg-dist      rc6.d                 rc.local   rcS.d
    bluetooth               java-sun             request-key.conf
    bonobo-activation       jwm                  request-key.d
    ca-certificates         kbd                  resolvconf
    ca-certificates.conf    kernel               resolv.conf
    calendar                ldap                 rmt
    chatscripts             rpc
    conky                    rsyslog.conf
    console                rsyslog.d
    ConsoleKit              libao.conf           samba
    console-setup           libaudit.conf        sane.d
    cron.d                  libnl-3              screenrc
    cron.daily              libpaper.d           securetty
    cron.hourly             libreoffice          security
    cron.monthly            live                 selinux
    crontab                 locale.alias         sensors3.conf
    cron.weekly             locale.gen           sensors.d
    crypttab                localtime            services
    cups                    logcheck             sgml
    cupshelpers             login.defs           shadow
    dbus-1                  logrotate.conf       shells
    debconf.conf            logrotate.d          skel
    debian_version          lvm                  slim.conf
    default                 machine-id           smartd.conf
    defaultdomain           magic                smartmontools
    deluser.conf            magic.mime           smbnetfs.conf
    dhcp                    mailcap              sound
    dhcp3                   mailcap.order        ssh
    dictionaries-common     mailname             ssl
    dillo                   manpath.config       staff-group-for-usr-local
    dkms                    mc                   sudoers
    dpkg                    menu                 sudoers.d
    drirc                   menu-methods         sysctl.conf
    elinks                  mime.types           sysctl.d
    emacs                   mke2fs.conf          systemd
    environment             modprobe.d           terminfo
    esound                  modules              timezone
    ffserver.conf           modules-load.d       tmpfiles.d
    fonts                   motd                 transmission-daemon
    foomatic                mplayer              ts.conf
    fstab                   mtab                 ucf.conf
    fstab.backup            mtools.conf          udev
    fstab.d                 nanorc               udevil
    fstab.hotplug           ndiswrapper          ufw
    fuse.conf               netscsid.conf        uniconf.conf
    gai.conf                network              updatedb.conf
    gamin                   networks             UPower
    gconf                   newsbeuter           usb_modeswitch.conf
    gftp                    nsswitch.conf        usb_modeswitch.d
    ghostscript             ODBCDataSources      uswsusp.conf
    gnome-vfs-2.0           odbc.ini             vdpau_wrapper.cfg
    gnome-vfs-mime-magic    odbcinst.ini         vga
    gpm.conf                openal               vim
    groff                   opt                  wgetrc
    group                   os-release           wicd
    grub.d                  pam.conf             wildmidi
    gshadow                 pam.d                wlan
    gtk                     papersize            wodim.conf
    gtk-2.0                 passwd               wpa_supplicant
    gtk-3.0                 pcmcia               wvdial.conf
    hdparm.conf             perl                 X11
    host.conf               pm                   xdg
    hostname                pmount.allow         xlock.staff
    hosts                   pnm2ppa.conf         xml
    $ cat /etc/fstab
    # Pluggable devices are handled by uDev, they are not in fstab
    UUID= / auto defaults,noatime 1 1
    proc /proc proc defaults 0 0
    devpts /dev/pts devpts mode=0622 0 0
    UUID=343942EB578098A9 /media/sda1 ntfs-3g noauto,users,noexec,uid=1000,gid=users,dmask=002,fmask=113,relatime 0 0
    UUID=676d70d7-1c41-449b-be0f-2e04df874d86 /media/sda3 ext4 noauto,users,exec,relatime 0 0
    UUID=a70b8580-b61d-4732-8109-b6f883ab58de swap swap sw,pri=1 0 0
    UUID=454f0f9b-3885-4a59-a3d8-eefe9bef04e6 /media/sda6 ext4 noauto,users,exec,relatime 0 0
    UUID=ee02c86b-ffa4-4a1f-8ecf-255eef02e8c7 /media/sda7 ext4 noauto,users,exec,relatime 0 0
    /dev/cdrom /media/cdrom udf,iso9660 noauto,users,exec,ro 0 0
    /dev/sr0 /media/cdrom udf,iso9660 noauto,users,exec,ro 0 0
    Ok. fstab is what gives mounting permissions on my dvdrw in my distro.
    I have no udev in AntiX to handle hotplug devices.

    $ cd /
    $ ls
    bin   dev  home  lib64       media  opt   root  sbin  tmp  var
    boot  etc  lib   lost+found  mnt    proc  run   sys   usr
    Hope I showed you how to maneuver around in DSL-n. maybe now that you know what to look for so you can mount the floppy drive OK.
    I refuse to let fear and fear of others rule my life. It puts my humanity at risk.
    Accepting Death is the only way to stay alive.

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    I still can't mount 1.72MB floppy. :o(

    Here is what I got with MacPup linux live distro.
    It makes me crazy !
    Any idea to fix this f*ck!ng prob ???




    # id

    uid=0(root) gid=0(root)

    # ls /dev/f*

    /dev/fb0 /dev/fb2 /dev/fd0 /dev/fd0u1680 /dev/fd0u1760 /dev/full

    /dev/fb1 /dev/fb3 /dev/fd0u1440 /dev/fd1 /dev/fuse


    0 1 2 3

    # ls /mnt

    cdrom data dvd flash floppy home msdos ram1 sdb1 swap zip

    # echo "/dev/fd0u1722 /mnt/floppy auto noauto,rw 0 0" >> /etc/fstab

    # cat /etc/fstab

    none /proc proc defaults 0 0

    none /sys sysfs defaults 0 0

    none /dev/pts devpts gid=2,mode=620 0 0

    /dev/fd0 /mnt/floppy auto noauto,rw 0 0

    /dev/fd0u1722 /mnt/floppy auto noauto,rw 0 0

    # mknod /dev/fd0u1722 b 2 60

    # ls /dev/f*

    /dev/fb0 /dev/fb2 /dev/fd0 /dev/fd0u1680 /dev/fd0u1760 /dev/full

    /dev/fb1 /dev/fb3 /dev/fd0u1440 /dev/fd0u1722 /dev/fd1 /dev/fuse


    0 1 2 3

    # mount -t vfat /dev/fd0u1722 /mnt/floppy

    mount: /dev/fd0u1722 is not a valid block device

    # mount -t msdos /dev/fd0u1722 /mnt/floppy

    mount: /dev/fd0u1722 is not a valid block device

    # dmesg | grep fd


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