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    Knoppix with different window managers

    I installed Knoppix under VirtualBox recently in order to try out some alternative window managers without screwing up my main system. However, I'm having trouble getting them to work. When Knoppix boots normally, KDE works finr but there is no way to leave it and the "Change window manager" option under the KNOPPIX menu does nothing, only restarting KDE. If I boot into runlevel 2, KDE won't start at all (only displaying a blank screen) and the other window managers are crippled and have shells with no prompts marked "login". If the login shells are killed, I get dumped back to text-only mode. The window managers were all installed in Synaptic (twm, wmii, subtle, and AfterStep), and I have the VirtualBox guest additions installed. What did I screw up?
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    You might get some useful info at the knoppix site at the link below. I would suggest you scroll down toward the bottom of the page and click the link 'HD Install Warning not to do it' which will explain some of the problems you will have installing Knoppix to a hard drive. The same problems will apply to a VBox installation. It was designed and built to be used as a Live CD/DVD. Or you can read the link below which explains how to do it.

    Category:Hard drive Installation - Knoppix Documentation Wiki

    Knowing Knoppix/Alternatives to KDE - Wikibooks, open books for an open world

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