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    Question Knoppix 7.5 and the flash plugin to explorers

    I installed Knoppix 7,5 from LINUX MAGAZINE April 2015's DVD to
    usb-dongle. My PC having Windows 8.1 is Intel NUC. Knoppix works very well - Windows 8.1 is terrible, unfortunately I need it for some
    things I will use with the NUC.

    I hope to use Knoppix to surfing in the Internet. Unfortunately many times for ex. in Facebook you meet videos and will need Adobe Flash.

    Even while I use the Chromium the videos do not work.

    Unfortunately for me to find how to to get Knoppix 7.5 running with Adobe Flash or something like that seems to be very difficult. I'm over 80 and only my left ie is working.

    Help me, please ???

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    Might help. Look in your Firefox addons for html 5 player and others. My screenshot to show what I mean.

    Edit: Knoppix if I am not mistaken is a read only live DVD.
    For trouble shooting.

    In your case. Reading your intro about old computers.
    I am wondering if you may be better served running Puppy Linux on one of your older computers as live cd with a save file on the hard drive.

    Puppy Linux Discussion Forum :: View topic - Run Puppy from Live CD: Easy Step by Step Instructions

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    You can install things like flash in a live image, but since they are installed to RAM disc, you will need to reinstall the next time you boot the live image. You could install the live image to another thumb drive as a real OS (read + write) which would allow you to install this stuff as needed, then boot from that thumb drive next time (it will also probably install grub on the system drive so you may need the thumb drive connected in order to boot from Windows as well).
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    fossiili, I just found your post and no one answered. Well, I saw Rubberman's reply after I posted this the first time. He's right, you want to 'Install Knoppix' to an external hard drive or stick, after which you can download programs aka packages like Adobe Flash. Pick an external hard drive that's 60 GB or larger, or a stick that size. You should find them on Ebay or Amazon or maybe your local store for less than $40 US.

    I cannot download Knoppix, but the solution to your problem is a simple one. You need to download Adobe Flash. That is why the videos do not play, they need that program. You have it in Windows, but not in Linux.

    Now, if you know apt-get, you can apt get Adobe Flash or something similar, not sure of the proper syntax. If Knoppix has a 'package manager' you can search for 'Adobe Flash' and download directly from the package manager.

    And you're in my prayers. I truly wish I could be of more help, but I can't download Knoppix, the servers are always down (I'm in Texas, USA).
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