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    Question knoppix 7.4 will not start sshd, lvm, mdadm at boot

    Hi, all --

    I had a Knoppix 6 thumb drive which DID start sshd at boot time, but it died, so I'm building another (16G, with Knoppix installed to flash and with a 2G knoppix-data.img file, and you can bet that this time I'll back up the config on a spare!), now with 7.4. I have managed to get a static IP to stick after editing /etc/network/interfaces, but despite having the rc5.d symlinks and playing with update-rc.d and so on I cannot get it to start sshd this time around.

    I have reset the ListenAddress to and renamed the rc5.d symlink to ensure that sshd is started just about last. I cannot find any errors anywhere, and there is no /var/log/auth.log file even after starting sshd manually. What's the deal?!?

    I have a RAID10 volume that I'd also like to activate and mount at boot. Once again, everything works fine if I run the lvm2 and mdadm-raid start scripts manually and mount it up, but I want it to happen automatically for me at boot time. The rc5.d scripts are there but they apparently aren't run.

    Once I get the base system stable, I'll want to start httpd or nginx and samba and maybe mysql to have a little storage & media server and php playground. I haven't even gone there yet :-|

    Soooooo... How else can I debug this and make some progress?

    PS -- My goal is to have a flash-based easy to manage Linux config that requires little or none of my time. I know that Knoppix isn't meant for a hard drive install, and I confess that I may be trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Other ideas are welcome, too :-)

    TIA & HANW

    David T-G
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