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    Knoppix 6.2 uninstall

    I recently bought a laptop from a friend that has Knoppix 6.2 installed on it through a cd/dvd. It does not allow the windows system to boot at all. She had told me that I could disable Knoppix by removing the cd/dvd and that would allow windows to boot. However, I removed the disc and the laptop will not boot at all without the disc and will not allow me to do a factory reset. How do I completely uninstall knoppix?

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    Is Windows even installed on the hard drive? Boot Knoppix and use the file manager to look at what's on the hard drive.

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    Knoppix is a "live" operating system that is totally independent of the hard drive in your computer. It boots from the cd or usb and loads into ram. This is exactly what window does except it does so from the hard drive. Knoppix is extremely useful in determining what is wrong with an intel computer that will not boot. It is also useful in that if the hard drive spins up you may be able to recover the data that is on it. If Knoppix boots the problem is likely the Hard Drive or the software on the hard drive has failed. I have repaired several computers and it is almost alway the hard drive that fails, or the software on the hard drive, and not the controller.( that part of the computer that "talks" to the hard drive) Fortunately hard drives are cheap. You can replace the hard drive and with the 25 digit code on the computer for the Operating system that is on the computer, you can reinstall the windows system free of charge. You will need an install disk for the windows operating system. When it asks for the 25 digit code use the one from your computer. That said, installed on a 2.0 sandisk usb stick knoppix runs 5 times faster than from cd. You need to get the latest 7.5 or 7.4.2 whichever you can get and keep it handy. It is free to download. It comes as an "ISO" file that you burn to a dvd. You can then install it to a usb stick from the DVD. An ISO is an image of another cd or dvd that allows you to make an exact copy of the original cd or dvd. Most "geek" types are happy to help free of charge. It's what we do. Ask someone you know to help you. Of course you could take the computer back to your "friend" and demand your money back. Rush Limbaugh says that this is a world governed by the use of, or the threat of the use of physical force. After NAFTA and GAFT I thought him to be an idiot. A lot of times ole Rush will get your butt kicked. Good luck my friend. jrczz


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