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    Root Login issues

    UPDATE: I ended up creating a new password and username for my self but when using su and typing in my password it says I'm not in the sudoers file. Any fix for this?
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    Bump, any fix for the sudoers file would be greatly appreciated

    Update: I've tried uusing visudo but I've been denied perms. Any other ideas
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    Do you remember your previous password? If so try that with sudo.

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    Does the root account have a password? If so, login as root and edit the /etc/sudoers file to give yourself appropriate permissions.
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    For your new user to be able to sudo you may need to add it to sudo group. Depends on distro, I have no Knoppix here to check it out.

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    I wonder how many people have messed up their sudoers file because of that stoopid error message... you DEFINITELY need to run usermod to add the user to either the sudo or wheel group, depending on distro.

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