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    verizon DSL/westel modem/knoppix 3.3 connection problem

    Hi all,

    I've been a linux fan for years, but lately I've encountered a problem that I haven't been able to overcome by searching or reading FAQs.

    As the subject says, I have verizon DSL, a westel DSL modem, and a knoppix 3.3 CD.

    I am attempting to convert my girlfriends windoze XP box to linux, temporarily with 3.3, but eventually with a nice Debian install. Anyway, I have been unable to get pppoeconf to detect the access concentrator.

    I've tried resetting the modem, installing a second NIC (the usual one is onboard), giving eth0 an IP and netmask identical to the one XP assigns, checked the MAC address in just about every logical and not so logical order.

    I have noticed that no matter if I assign eth0 an IP or not, when pppoeconf is searching for the access concentrator, the "ethernet" light on the modem will flash a couple times. However, when I installed a second NIC, the lights on the back of the NIC and the "ethernet" light on the modem would not light regardless of what I did (including power cycling the modem) and regardless of how the second adapter was configured.

    So, it seems like some sort of MAC address deal, but why won't KNOPPIX connect using the original adapter??? I'm stumped.

    Any insight would be nice. My next move is to call verizon and tell them i've got a new computer that won't work with their DSL.

    I read on another forum to tell them "Gateway" when they ask what your OS is. Hilarious.


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    If your modem works as a router for your PPPoE connection, then you will need to assign the value to these : DNS, GATEWAY, NETMASK and IP ADDRESS, if you fail to enter one of them nothing will work.

    If your modem works as a regular modem, you need to configure a PPPoE adaptor.

    Please update me on the current setup you have
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    Update #1


    Thanks for the reply.

    Since my last post I have been able to log into the modem and play with its settings. There are several modes and ways the modem can be configured.

    There is a "bridge" mode, "routed bridge", PPPoE, PPPoA, "single static IP mode" and various DNS, and DHCP settings.

    When windows loads, it finds the modem via DHCP. The modem appears to cache the last login of windows' PPPoE client. Basically, if the modem gets reset, I have to use windows PPPoE client to authenticate with verizon. After this initial authentication, I can reboot the windows machine all I want and not have to reauthenticate.

    There is a setting in the modem where you can enter the verizon user-name and password and set it up to automatically log you in, but this option is not turned on by default. I am confused as to why windows seems to just connect somehow without me telling it to.

    My understanding of the knoppix live-cd is that a DHCP client runs automatically and attempts to get an IP, gateway, DNS and netmask from any available DHCP server, in this case the modem.

    Check out the Westell 2200 user-manual pdf:

    Whatever, I'll play with it some more tonight. Thanks!!!


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    some answers

    ok, well i've gotten off my ass (figuratively) and download Damn Small Linux and burned it to CD. Then booted and voila - DCHP internet conectivity goodness.

    I suppose there is either a faulty version of PUMP on knoppix 3.3 (D.S.L. is based on knoppix) or some other issue with that version.

    This is very confusing considering I used knoppix 3.3 to connect to verizon at my previous address for months. I had a hardware router there too, so that may have shielded me from whatever compatibility issues were frustrating me.

    Anyhow, this thread has been resolved: don't use 3.3 and a westell 2200 router/modem.

    thanks linuxforums!

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