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Thread: booting linux

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    booting linux

    rite, im no linux expert, i want to start using linux cos its got great stuff but to be honest im crap. iv got feather linux. it involves knoppix and debian which are some of the kernel stuff ive got told about heres m problem:
    im tryin out feather linux os at
    but havin trouble... i have loaded it from my usb stick (its very small) and also the hard drive but when i loads, it ses
    "select kernel to boot
    then i type "knoppix" which is the basis of feather linux and it ses

    loading linux24.............

    then it goes str8 back 2 the start of my loader for the mother board.
    i have configured so the hard disk with xp is default but if the linux boot disk is in, it loads linux...but still need help gettin 2 the actual linux desktop!
    thanx 4 help,
    ed watson

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    From their web site:
    When booting, boot the original boot.img with “knoppix expert”, and when it asks for a modules disk insert the PCMCIA modules disk. Then Feather should load.

    Also, they mention to try using a usb boot floppy (some bios-es don't support booting from a USB stick).
    Stumbling around the 'net:

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