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    Hard Drive HELP!

    Ok this is my dillema. I had a dual boot on my hard drive (knoppix and windows xp). I was dumb enough when I made the first partition for linux installation to only make it 3 gigs. I ran out of space and I wanted to make it bigger (I'm using qtparted). But for some strange reason the resize option was greyed out (???). So I decided to delete the regular linux partition and make another one that is about 16 gigs. When I went to install knoppix again it says the swap partition needs to be like at least 200 mb. It won't let me resize the swap partition though (?????).

    How do I create partitions exactly? I don't really know how, I just kinda made my windows partition smaller I think. But like how does it all work? How come its sometimes greyed out? How can I resize my swap partition? How does it all work and what do I do?

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    What i'd do would go into QTParted and delete the knoppix and SWAP partitions you have, and then create a SWAP partition the same size, or up to double the size as your RAM, so generaly 512MB.
    Ans then in whats lest of the 'gap' on the hard drive make a nice big Knoppix partition whish oule be about 16GB.

    The reason you can't resize the partitions is that they may be theh kind of partitions that can't be resized, or only resized smaller.

    I hope this helps;

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