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    Installing old Knoppix 3.3 on hard disk not working LiLo

    I have tried to install Knoppix 3.3 (I know it is old) on my hard disk.
    I have succsesfully installed it (I checked the partition through Windows and it was full)BUT the bootloader (LiLO) doesn't seem to work though I installed it!!
    It boots windows only
    I beg for help

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    By this do you mean LiLo comes up, and if you select windows it boots, but linux it doesn't?
    If so what errors do you get when you try to boot linux?

    Or does Windows just boot without LiLo coming up?

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    I mean LiLo doesnt come up at all
    I can only boot Knoppix from the CD.
    Anyway now I have Knoppix 3.7 and I want to know does the installation happen with the same console command (sudo knoppix-installer)??

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    I use Knoppix 3.3 alot and install to hd this way;
    (Usually I select knoppix desktop=fluxbox or knoppix 2)
    if in X (flux) Alt-Ctrl-F2, to a NON-X command prompt (runlevel)
    Then the routine. This is where everything happens for your Linux
    install, so it sounds like your problem is possibly you didn't pass
    the boot flag to the Linux partition during cfdisk.
    Did the installer show you cfdisk or were your partitions already
    setup and you just selected the space?
    The boot flag is a must if you want to control Windows or any other OS
    using Linux & lilo or grub.
    Then, you could select to not load lilo during the routine,
    then maybe install grub next time you log in. But if Linux is not
    booting, it's probably because Windows is still loaded as default
    in the MBR.
    So, if the install went successful, just load the live cd and check the
    partition table with cfdisk. If Linux has not the boot option, select it and
    write. Then I would suggest using grub-install.

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    Want to Install Knoppix 3.3

    Where can I download Knoppix 3.3? I need 3.3 because that is the only Knoppix where I can get the mkfloppy.bat; no other version above 3.3 has it. For some reason I can not boot from CD on my computer. Please help. I have downloaded 10 different copies of Knoppix above 3.3 and all do not have mkfloppy.bat. Weird. Thanks, Angela.

    P.S. I also looked in the "contrib" in the knoppix index section and found a, but cannot download.

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