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    problems with internet and password

    I have been using knoppix quite a bit recently and i really like it. However, i am having some problems with it that i dont understand. The first is with the internet. It began messing up whenever i started using knoppix. What happens is that when i use the net it works at first but then after a little bit it fails completely and says it cannot find whatever site i am looking for. So, i go and reset the cable modem and router, and after i do it works again. I really want to find out what is causing it but have no clue what to do. I am also running win xp 64bit edition and a lot of time it messes up when i switch between the two. The other problem i have is the password. I had the problem when i tried to change the root password. It lets me put in the login name but it will not let me put in the password. It opens the dialog box but when i type it does not move or show any *'s or anything. Is there some other button i have to hold down while typing or is it something else. Any help is very much appreciated.

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    Changing the root password is simple. Open the root console and just type passwd then enter your new password. It won't show any *'s when you type the new password. Don't ask me why, its always been that way. As for your lan issues, what kind of router are you using? Are you using DHCP or Static IPs? And what version of Knoppix are you using? 3.7 CD or 3.6B DVD?

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    Well i was messing around with the router and just figured out that it was the cable that was causing problems. So i guess i was wrong about that. i am going to try the password thing maybe i used the wrong login. Thanks for helping out.

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