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    can I make knoppix work from the hard-drive????

    can I make knoppix work from the hard-drive????

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    You can install it onto your harddrive


    I think its knoppix-installer, either that for knoppix-hdinstall

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    I just went though this all night long on an old PC that I was testing and actually liked the idea of it booting from CD. In the end the command to install it to /dev/hda1 (that was the partition I used anyway) was to catch the boot (from CD) at the boot prompt and then type this:

    boot: knoppix tohd=/dev/hda1 (replace hda1 with your appropriate partition)

    This loads the CD to the partition on the disc.
    Then the next time you reboot you use this command:

    boot: knoppix fromhd=/dev/hda1 (replace hda1 with your partition)

    So ultimately it still uses the CDROM to begin the process or at least I haven't yet figured out how to make it run entirely from the dasd yet and my "Linux Bible" doesn't explain any way to achieve only-disc boot-up, but it does free-up the CDROM after you type-in the boot command (knoppix fromhd=/dev/hda1) so you can use the cdrom for other things while it's running.

    You can also run a utility once the desktop is loaded to create what it calls "A persistent home folder" (or something like that). This allows you to make the default user's (knoppix) home on another partition so you files and settings can be saved.
    Then when you boot-up you add another option/switch to the boot line:

    boot: fromhd=/dev/hda1 home=scan (or home={/dev/hda?}) - both will work so I picked scan since it's shorter to type

    I'm still futzin' with KNOPPIX so I ain't there yet but I do enjoy the idea of bringing your whole computing environment with you on one CD.

    I had a bear of time getting this lowly machine to run from disc though because it's only got a 1gb disc in it and that is _Just_ barely enough to create:
    /dev/hda1 - 850Mb for root partition - knoppix install
    /dev/hda5 - ~90Mb for swap partition (Win's FAT32)
    /dev/hda6 - ~90Mb for the user's home dir for file saves....

    But it's been fun

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