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Thread: usb linux

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    usb linux

    im trying to put linux onto a usb stick. ived looked at damn small linux and tested it out by burning it onto a CD but it didnt work. it booted but then after going thru the start up screen it just gave me a black screen. i only wrote the dsl.1.0.1.syslinux.iso to the disk. was tehre anything more i needed?. also will there be any special needs to write it onto an USB stick. my usb stick is only 64 MB, but if any1 else knows of any other migitized versions of linux that might also work

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    I've tried the "Feather Linux" distro. It is a very small version of Knoppix. I've put it on my USB stick with syslinux, but it will not work. It is not very big, but i think it's too big for you USB stick

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    dsl linux is 50 mb.
    i found another 1 i cant rember the name ( i think it started with an S) that was able to fit on 2 floppies. however i tried that one but it didnt work either. i highly doubted the functionablity neways

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    If you wish, you could build your own linux distro from source code. It takes some time to do,
    but if it's what you need... It's possible to put the Linux kernel, the BASH shell, and some other
    functioning programs on a compressed 1.44MB floppy!

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    I have successfully used Damn Small Linux from a mini-CDR/CD-RW.USB Lexar JumpDrive,Embedded-QEMU on Win XP,from hdd booting from a floppy and also mini-CDR,also used a SimpleTech CF card in a usb card reader.

    The most important thing is to check your downloaded .iso to be sure it hasn't been corrupted, compare the listed md5 sum with that of your d'loaded

    Then if everything checks out you then "burn" the .iso to the disc and not just "copy" it to disc.There should be a selection for creating it in your burning software.

    Once you have succeeded with the disc creation and can boot from it you'll be on your way.You can then open the disc and copy all of the files to your usb device and go to the DSL repository and grab the USB boot .iso that you write to a floppy using "Rawrite" then you can boot your USB stick from a floppy.

    Not all computers can boot from usb and you may also have to set your BIOS to the device you want to boot from ie: floppy,cdrom,hdd,zip drive etc.

    And one last thing that will help is to use a CD/RW to burn your image so as not to make "coasters" during the learning process(speaking from exp here)

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