I have a laptop with Win XP and Mepis already set up as
grub dual boot. I would like to also install Knoppix on the
notebook without Knoppix messing with my boot setup. I can
then just edit menu.lst to add Knoppix as a boot option.

I don't like the way Knoppix sets up boot. It adds extra Windows
options that don't exist and then overwrites menu.lst if I edit it.
I also wonder if it would set up my Mepis as a boot option.

Why put both on the same machine? Because if I use Mepis with
ACPI I get sound but no samba or usb mouse. With no ACPI I
get usb mouse and samba but no sound. I think Knoppix 3.8 will give me ACPI, sound, samba and usb although I tried Knoppix 3.8.1 and it won't work at all with the laptop. Therefore I don't want to remove Mepis until I am sure Knoppix 3.8 will work and even then I still don't like the way Knoppix sets up the boot menu.

Does anyone know of a way to edit the Knoppix-installer config
file so that it doesn't set up boot at all?