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    Data Recover Problem

    Hi All.. I've very new to Linus and got hold of a copy of Knoppix Live CD in order to extract data from a terminal crash of by XP computer.

    Everything works fine in that I can boot up Knoppix and can see the files I want to remove. (Huge relief!.. a good lesson in the need to back up regularly!) However, frustratingly actually extracting the data has proved more challenging:

    1. I tried to burn it onto CD but keep getting error messages (I only have one CD RW drive so have to swap disks - is this why?)

    2. I have tried to set up a local network to extract the files with by my laptop. Both laptop and PC are connected to the internet so they must both be going through the modem. However, I can't find a way for them to see each other.

    3. I have got hold of a cross-over cable to connect two pcs. I have instructions how to do it for XP. But can you establish a direction connection between XP and Knoppix?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    If your hard drive is big enough you could probably use qtparted and repartition ur hard drive opening up a 1gb partion. your risk lossing some data but then you can use the tohd=/dev/hda1 cheat code (replacing hda1 with the newly created partition) to copy the cd file to the hard drive freeing up ur cd burner. as far as i know you can only do this on a FAT or FAT32 machine other than that im not sure.

    Hope that Helps

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