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    Knoppix firewall wanted by ex-Windoze bloke

    Hi all. I'm trying to find a serviceable firewall I can use with my PMI knoppix 3.7. I'm a n00b and have tried several progs from klik, but the ones that did work required stuff like superuser access etc (which I can't for the life of me enable), and generally made no damned sense to me anyway.

    I don't mind reading manuals, and I've got no probs with researching a specific subject - I'd just like a n00b-friendly place to start is all.

    I've got the knoppix hacks book on the way too, so that'll (hopefully) shed some light on this subject.

    Ooh, by the way, this is my first post. I'm using knoppix 3.7 (as if you hadn't guessed) as a PMI, I'm a Scorpio and my favourite colour is blue. I can read, write, have my own teeth and don't have flees.

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    are you trying to make your computer a seperate firewall or just trying to install a firewall? What problems are you having with root access ("super user")
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    Hi, thx for the response. I'm trying to install a firewall on my system (currently faffing around with Guarddog). It says I need superuser access - I don't know how that relates to root access though. Anyway, it never gives me superuser access, no matter what I try.

    All I'm after is a really simple to use software firewall that matches my Linux user level (eg very low). I've got a feeling that I'm probably barking up the wrong tree, but any advice will be appreciated .

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    odd that a program would ask for superuser, but that is root. Root is the superuser. It should just use the root password
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    Yeah, I set up a password, got past the superuser thingy, opened guarddog, and had the same probs I had without the superuser access. Hmmm. Guess I'll go back to klik and see what else they've got. Thanks for trying!

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