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    Saving Your Settings

    I'm pretty sure it can be done but is there any way to keep my settings (background, screen res, etc...) when I shut down and boot back into windoze?

    I didn't install knoppix, just running it off cd. I've looked around a bit but everything I found, most of it saying it was for beginners, just says "do this this and this" but not how.

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    You can create a home directory on a USB stick, there your settings will be saved.

    On the Knoppix menu, go to Configuration => save knoppix configuration, select your USB device to save it to (important: it has to be a partition, so something like /dev/sda1, and not simply /dev/sda).

    Then, insert your USB stick before booting, and at the boot prompt type:
    knoppix myconfig=/dev/sda1
    (replace sda1 with the name of the device).

    you can also type:
    knoppix myconfig=scan
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    Hmmmm, is there any other way? I read somwhere that you can use a plain old floppy for like a configuration file? If I had a USB stick I would do this but I'm currently lacking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolfman88
    ... I read somwhere that you can use a plain old floppy for like a configuration file?...
    Glad you asked, because I was wondering the same thing. I just now exported my Mozilla bookmarks from the XP box to a floppy, and then tried to import them with the Konqueror Bookmark Editor, but it tells me "Remote files not accepted...can only select local files!"

    It would be good also to be able to save Kmail and KDE Control Center settings.


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    I was just looking though the menu options on Knoppix 3.8 and noticed that there is an option to save settings or something to that effect. Where you could reboot the machine, and not lose your favorites and stuff like that.

    I didn't try it, so I don't know how well it works.
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