Hey all.

First of all I want to congradulate *myself* on installing Knoppix onto a hard drive and then installing several packages using the command line. WOO! (This means another Windoze user has converted!).

Okay all that said and done, anyone have any ideas why Autopsy won't recognize the file-system type of an image made by partimage? The "suspect" hard drive has Windows 98 installed on a FAT32 partition (no other partitions involved here). However, all I get is "Warning: Autopsy could not determine the file-system". The image was not broken into seperate 2GB files. Its in one file and is 2.8GB. I can search for data strings in the image but I have to use the "RAW" option.

Does anyone know of any other graphical computer forensic program for Linux?

This isn't a real investigation or anything, I'm just doing it as a learning experience.