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Thread: similar OS?

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    similar OS?

    I've determined Knoppix isnt going to work very well for me, I need a Linux OS that's meant to be an OS and not a livecd. Can anyone recommend one that is similar to Knoppix? (in user-friendliness and stuff)

    Everyone seems to like suse, but I dont want to pay really and I imagine its a huge download

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    It's a full DVD to download 9.2 (9.3 is still unavailable for download), however you can download a small mini-image and download only what you wish to install. That's all I have experience with really, except Slackware (which isn't gonna work if you want Knoppix-like).

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    I haven't used Knoppix myself, but I've heard that you can install it onto your hard drive. Do you see any kind of option the will allow you to do that? If not, MEPIS is great, it's another Live CD, but you can install it to your hard drive if you like it enough to keep it. As for SuSE, that's another great OS, which is a hefty download (DVD ISO), but you could also download the mini-installation, which requires you to have somekind of internet connection during the whole installation. Check here for more if you haven't already:

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    first poster: thanks, I might consider suse now..once I get a decent dsl connection it'd be possible. Is there a torrent for it? (if thats ok to talk about)

    second poster: yes I have/had it installed on the hd but I think I can do better

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    I don't see why a torrent wouldn't be ok.. I don't have any links to one right now however.

    You can find the mini-install image here:

    You will need quite a bit of stuff for a very basic install however, so without at least a 512k connection, I wouldn't try to use it.

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    I'll go for the dvd iso when I find a torrent, thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by peaceofpi
    I'll go for the dvd iso when I find a torrent, thanks
    If you go to the SUSE hel section, there is a link to a torrent for 9.2
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    thanks! I'm going to have a very happy computing experience soon

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    If you want a sistem similar to knoppix that is ment to be installed, try Debian. After all, knoppix is based on debian
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    i like knoppix, mainly b/c of the live cd.

    i like fedora core 3. seems like a great OS in the short time i have had it installed, havent even booted back into windows yet.
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