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    Quote Originally Posted by LinuxDude
    so if i delete all the partions from the HD and boot back into windows where it has that little O shaped thing, will i be able to boot a XP install CD from there?
    O shaped thing? I can't tell what you're referring to. If you delete all the partitions there will be *NOTHING* left on your HD. You will then needa use a bootable Windows / Recovery CD to try and install the OS. The Recovery CD should create a new partition and copy the files, unless it's like mine and it uses a secret partition on the disk, which you've probably deleted...

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    Quote Originally Posted by andrewdodd13

    O shaped thing?
    hahaha - I'm dying to know what the O shaped thing is!
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    Next time you should pay attention to what you're doing. Maybe actually looking at the screen before you decide to start pounding random keys and clicks would be a good idea...?

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