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    Alot of the documentation ive read on hd install warns you to do it at your own risk because its not designed for it. It can be made to work, and alot of people use it. I found it to be alot of trouble, and never did get it to work well. The developers are working on a version for hd install, and im anxious to try it. Knoppix has alot of nice features. I installed ubuntu, and it works ok. You mentioned you have dialup, and downloading an os would be a problem. Try your local library. They should have a high speed connection, and most will let you download software if you ask. Takes me about an hour to download a distro at the library here, depending on the mirror. It would take me a month at home, im on dialup too. lol

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    I use dial-up and download 700MB ISOs within one week. I use KGET, and pause the download if I want to check e-email or surf the web. My resoning is that I do not need to pay for high-speed service for the sixteen hours every day that I am sleeping, working, eating or out of the house. If I want high-speed, I go to the one of the public libraries in town. I carry a thumb-drive if ever I need to transfer large files. Call me crazy.

    To each their own.

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