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    Knoppix 3.9 install

    hi, my friend wanted to make a dual boot windows linux machine. He has two harddrives and we sucessfully made a switch to the front of his computer to switch between the hard drives. Heres the problem- I start up knoppix while the second hard drive (the blank 1) is on and in knoppix i press CTRL+ALT+F2 and then type in knoppix-installer. I follow all the steps and then it says that the drive is a read only drive and that i also don't have permission to write to the drive. What am i doing wrong? Please someone help.

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    Boot up with knoppix cd, look through the menu's for "QTparted".

    You will need your partition your drives ahead of time.

    Make a swap partition 2x the amount of ram(1 GB max)
    Then a / partition for root.
    A /home is optional, this is where you store all of your personal files. If you want they can be on the same partition as /.
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    Use CODE tags when posting output of commands. Thank you.

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    It didnt work

    I am installing knoppix 3.9 now and i go into the root terminal and type "cfdisk" i deleted the partition and then i go and type "knoppix-installer" go through all the steps then it gives me the same error message that it cannot write to the disk. I tried "qtparted" and that didnt work either when i went to go write partition it said that it couldnt. What am i doing wrong here? Please help..

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    Open a root terminal in knoppix, type


    now it should allow you to do what you need to do.
    If you want to learn more about linux take a linux journey
    Use CODE tags when posting output of commands. Thank you.

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    useful installation guide

    There is a short 'screen capture' flash movie guide at
    which covers installation of knoppix (ver 3.8 but generally applicable) including partitioning. It can be run from the site or downloaded. Its about 4mb in size so downloading should not be a problem


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    i got it to work. what i did was i installed knoppix 3.7 first then somehow when i tried installing 3.9 it worked. I don't know. The only problem is some of my PCI devices like my ethernet device doesnt turn on therfore gets no connection. I typed a topic about this but does anyone know why none of my devices are turning on and how i can fix this problem. Thanks.

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    I am having the same problem as Nickfo. I want to install Knoppix on my hard drive to make it run faster. I have a 660MHz P3 and a 20GB hard drive.

    Can anyone point me to a tutorial or something to show me how to create partitions on my hard drive? I am running Knoppix 3.9 and Windows 98. I don't think I can do it from Knoppix (how can I partition the drive if I can't even write to it), and the Windows 98 book has no info on how to create partitions. The Windows 98 doesn't work right anyway because I am missing some drivers. I am planning on removing Windows 98 completely once I get a Linux system to work right.

    Any help, anyone? Or would I be better off buying a Linux OS designed for this purpose? Downloading an OS not a great option because I'm on dialup.

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    The video mentioned above by rich1001 , is good. You can also try;
    There is alot of good info there. You can also do a search on this forum, on most knoppix related topics, and find good info. When knoppix boots, and detects your hard drives and partitions, default is read only. You have to enable writing. Point at your drive or partition and highlight it. That should bring up a properties dialog box. At the bottom where it says "Writeable: , it probably says NO. To change it, right click on the drive, in the menu select properties, in the window that pops up select device, and uncheck where it says read only, click OK. Now go back and highlight it , and it should say"Writeable: Yes.
    You can partition in 98 using fdisk. If you have your emergency start disk, boot from it, at the prompt type fdisk. You can install linux on a fat 32 partition, but itll run faster on native linux using qparted.

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    I tried enabling writable on the drive yesterday, and afterwards it said that the drive was writeable, but when I went back to root and ran knoppix-installer, it said that the drive needed to be partitioned. It took me to a utility menu where supposedly I would be able to partition the drive and do the other necessary things, but when I made my selection it would try to go back to root, but then go back to the menu and say that the drive was mounted as read only. I'll go out and try this thing again tonight, I guess I'll make a 10 gig partition with qtparted first. If that doesn't work I guess I'll have to do it with Win98.

    But when all this is over I will take great pleasure in breaking my windows 98 CD over my knee and feeding it to the dogs.

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    On second thought, I think I'm going to find another Linux system and install that. After reading a little more about knoppix, I have reached the conclusion that although it may be possible to install Knoppix to a hard drive, this is not really what it's designed for.

    Theoretically, it would be possible to put a Ford 302 engine into a Chevy Camaro, but that doesn't mean it would be easy or even desirable.

    This sounds like a major headache that I just don't need right now. If I'm going to put forth the effort to learn Linux, I'm going to do it on a setup that works right, not something that I'm going to have to be screwing with all the time.

    I'm not giving up on my plans for that Windows 98 CD though.

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