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    can't boot knoppix

    i can't boot my knoppix 3.8.1 cd. i've booted it successfully on every other comptuer in my house except i need to use it mostly on this one (only one with internet access) and my dad won't let me install fc3 or suse for some strange reason. anyway, so when i boot knoppix it goes through like 10 directions and gets to:

    INIT: kernel-2.78 knoppix booting
    and then it just stops. i walked away and came back an hour later and it was still there. does anybody know what's wrong?

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    To rule out a hardware config issue, when you boot the knoppix cd, it will stop and prompt you for boot options. Type failsafe at the prompt and hit enter. This will bypass almost all hardware detection. If it works, then some part of your hardware is not working with knoppix and you will have to sort thru the cheat codes to find out what it is.

    I had a computer that would hang on the cpu detection with knoppix, i found out it was the pcmcia was the problem. On that machine I simply had to type nopcmcia at the prompt, and it would run fine.

    Here is a link that has the different cheat codes you can use.
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    Another thought: how much RAM does it have? On one of my machines (128 Mb RAM), I can boot about half of the live distros I've tried (knoppix worked). Though the problem is probably what is mentioned above.
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    no problem with ram. this computer has 512mb

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