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    internet access using kenoppix

    i m using internet by LAN , please some one can guide me how can i setup my internet while using kenoppix!!!!

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    Ok, what you need to do is the following:
    ifconfig eth0 up
    Or whatever the ip you need.

    Now, we set the gateway:
    route add default gw
    Or whatever the ip of the gateway is.

    Finally, you add your DNS's that your ISP provides you in /etc/resolv.conf:
    nameserver ip
    nameserver ip
    And that's it.
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    Thnx for reply!
    i tried to do the trick but still not done see what i have done
    i start the GUI conf tool for LAN card.
    1. it asks me for "IP for eth0" i give it to
    2. then it askes for "Network mask for etho" i put it ""
    3.then it asks broadcast messages i selected default which was ""
    4. Then default Gate way i got with ""
    5. Name Server i put it ""
    now i also need to configure my proxy i copy the settings from my win machine and these were for
    HTTP Proxy and port 85
    SOCKS and port 1080
    so i added to it as well but it is not detecting the proxy at all
    as for as my Win machine configuration is concern here are they when i run ipconfig over it
    my ip --- >
    my gateway --->
    subnet mask --->
    while the proxy setting for IE and Messangers i mentioned over i.e.
    HTTP Proxy and port 85
    now tell me what should i do ?????????????????

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