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Thread: Bugs??

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    I haven't got internet access yet on knoppix because I don't have a linmodem yet (ordered one off ebay). You may have guessed already that I did the HD install.

    There are three things that are annoying me though:
    1. When I have two programs running that play sound, something funny happens. Only one will be able to play sound, like when I play music and play a game. I'll play the music and the game, and I'll hear music, but no game sound, then when a track is finished on the player, ill hear the game only.

    2. Some programs don't work. Like some of the developer programs. Or emulator.

    3. If I try to play this one of the arcade games (i forget the name, but it has decent graphics) my computer gets reaaaaly slow and I cannot quit the program. This happens with some other programs too.

    Do I just need to update?

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    About the sound: this happened to me in most distros that I've tried, sometimes the second program would toss up an error when it would try to play a sound. This is not a bug, but limited drivers (or soundcard). Try something like artsd or esd (google them up).

    Which programs won't run? You could try reinstalling them or upgrading them (via apt-get).

    As for the game, do you have graphics drivers installed? What are your sistem specs?
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