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    Dell TrueMoblie 1180 USB Wireless Internet

    Hi all, i'm an almost complete n00b and I'm already enlisting help. I'm using the current version of Knoppix (3.9) and I connect to the internet through a cable connection, which is connect to a router, but my PC connects to the Wifi Network through a Dell TrueMobile 1180, Wireless Network Card thingy, and it connects to my PC through a USB connection. The only problem is when I boot into Knoppix through the CD I can't access the internet, because I don't think it is recognizing the Dell TrueMobile 1180 thing. Can any one tell me how to set the thing up, now keep in mind that i'm a n00b and I need it explained simply.

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    a correct distro might help

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    Well since I'm new to Linux don't you think it would be wise to start learning the basics through something like Knoppix that doesn't require a commitment., but hey just a theory.

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    Quote Originally Posted by antisaint
    a correct distro might help
    I don't get this, what's wrong with Knoppix?

    As for your wifi card, you could try ndiswrapper. First, you have to have the windows drivers for your card somewhere where you will be able to get to them with the Knoppix CD in the drive (so on the harddrive, on a USB pendrive, on a CD in a second cd drive...). Now run ndiswrapper from the menu (I think it should be under Knoppix > Network/Internet or something like this). It will ask you for the windows driver. Point it to the right file, it should give you a message saying that the driver was loaded correctly. Now run the wireless utility (I think it's in the same menu as ndiswrapper) and set the ssid (I've got an unencripted network so this is the only thing I set, I leave everything else empty) and any other things. Note that on things like 'channel' it sometimes works better to leave it empty instead of filing in the number of the channel (when I filled in the channel number it didn't want to work, if I leave it empty it works fine).

    At this point the only other thing you might need to run is "dhclient" from the command line...

    I hope all of this helps, note that I did this on Kanotix, but it is almost identical in Knoppix (I tried with Knoppix as well but it didn't correctly setup my mouse and I had to use the touchpad, which was kind of annoying).
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