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    should read pre-installed


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    when making a copy of the knoppix cd image using

    knoppix tohd=/dev/hda1

    can I actually copy it to a harddisk partition on a USB external harddisk ? I have a external harddisk with 4 partitions of 10GB each and they are all bootable partitions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 26242
    It works EXCELLENT side by side with XP! The only complaint is the suck-ass boot loader (lilo). But all you do is go:

    su knoppix-installer

    at the command prompt and vuala! It walks you all through it. It is painless. And very simple. Fast too. No configuring!
    Lilo is no suck-ass bootloader... Mind your language a bit, will you? Firstly I preferred GRUB - and I can see why you like GRUB more (it has a nicer interface?). Basically, Lilo may be older, but it's as good as GRUB, and can do almost everything (if not everything) GRUB can. As many recent distro's use it, I don't think Lilo is bad and outdated, or, as you put it, 'suck-ass'.
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