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    Recursive directories

    I was trying to install some Perl libraries, and the
    directories were created recursively. I mean,
    supposing A, B and C are directory names, I ended
    up with a path

    ./A/B/C/A/B/C/A/B/C/A/B/C/A/B/C/A/B/C/A/B/C etc etc etc

    Which slowed down my machine and made it impossible
    to backup.

    Is there a way to prevent that, please?


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    Are they all actual directories, or are at least some of them symbolic links?
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    Directories, not symbolic links

    As far as I know, anyway, when I saw the thing scrolling endlessly
    I got scared and deleted it immediately.


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    What directory were you installing this into? And can you give us a more precise history of while files you downloaded and ran, and in what order?
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    Perl lib automatic download

    I just needed an HTML to LaTeX script. I've got one now
    the gnu one, works fine.

    I don't remember file names, I just tried some automatic s/w
    which was supposed to download the libraries I needed... I just
    remember that some directories were named by single upper
    case letters, that refered to the first letter of the name of the
    person who wrote the library. The subdirectories of this were
    the author names.

    Then it became a case of "in order to install this you need to
    have that first, etc etc etc".

    Then it was using, of all things, Makefile (in Perl!!!)
    So of course it didn't work.

    Anyway, I won't try that particular thing again (I should
    think not!), I was asking in general, is there a way to prevent
    that, for example setting an absolute limit to the number
    of levels you can have in directories?

    I mean sub-sub-sub are allowed but not sub-sub-sub-sub?


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