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    knoppix hardrive installing help please

    hi i am new to linux but i been using knoppix live cd an i really like it

    and i would like to install to hd i get to the bit after partiton the hd where it says formating and it just sits there left it for 10 mins and the % bar never moved. any idea what has gone wrong

    also i have winxp on my laptop and want to have a dual boot for winxp or knoppix i am going to install knoppix on to my 60 gig external hardrvie

    but want to have the boot option to boot into winxp or knoppix i have no floppy on laptop but got a cdwriter can some one please help me out with this tia

    for any help

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    If you are a linux newbie and running into troubles, you might be better off using WinXP and Partition Magic to format your hard drive. Then you can easily install Knoppix on the newly created partitions.

    Hope this helps...

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    Check out this
    If you want to learn more about linux take a linux journey
    Use CODE tags when posting output of commands. Thank you.

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    how do you partition you hardrive for linux using partition magic ?

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    Here's a wiki for using PM8 to create or resize partitions:

    You'll just need to know how many, how large, and what type of partitions you want to create before you begin. You can do a search here on the forums to see what size partitions others are using, but you'll probably want one or more partitions formatted for Linux (I personally like the ext3 file system), and then one Linux swap partition. Note that you can choose to let PM format the partitions, or use your Linux distro to format them during the install.

    You'll probably be fine doing this, but it's always a good idea to make a system backup before beginning if you have valuable data on your machine.

    Good luck with your project!

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    cheers m8 for the help hope this works

    any idea how long it should take when linux installer is copying the files from cd 2 hd?

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    I JUST TRIED THE COMMAND IN THE TUTORIAL WHERE IT TELLS YOU THE PRESS CTRL+alt+f2 and then type "knx-hdinstall" then that says then that just tells me that the command is not found. what am i doing wrong? i tried to open up the root terminal as well through kde but it wont let me cause i have no password for the root since it's just a live cd. what do i do?

    sorry about the caps

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    m8 i sorted it and way i done it was to go to the terminal or the root shell window and type.

    su then press enter
    then type knoppix-installer

    this is the way i done it m8
    all working on my hardrive and its brill

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