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    How can I configure modem in KNOPPIX 3.6

    my modem is an internal modem

    My modem is Agere SystemS PCI Soft Modem and is attached a COM3
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    If its a dial up modem open KPPP (application enbeded in knoppix)

    Add account! Type in UN/PASS, your ISP connection phone number and ISP name.

    Then set-up modem, you need to input the name of the modem and the port. The COM3 port is on...... cant remember.... look through the itll be on there some where.

    If it cant be connected using the COM3 port itll be a winmodem wich rewuires you to download some software and drivers, theres also some help on that in the

    You may have to install the knoppix live CD to harddrive if its a winmodem.

    Im not an expert or even an intermediate user!!!

    There just the steps I took!

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    It sounds like you may have a winmodem, which can be an extreme pain to get working with linux unless you know what you're doinjg. And even then, it might not be worth the time.

    Give it a shot, and if you can't get your modem to work, try this: go to ebay and type in "linux modem" or "hardware modem". A hardware modem does not require drivers, and will therefore work with any system, mac, linux, windows . . . And they are much easier to set up than winmodems.

    I got mine for about $15 including S&H.

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