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    A few queries about using Knoppix 3.3

    (I know its old, it matches my system )

    I've just installed Knoppix 3.3 on my harddrive and I have some q's about using it:

    1: Can I create shortcuts on the desktop so I dont have to use the command line to start an app.? for instance if I want to use amsn I have to open bash and go "cd /Desktop/amsn-0_93"
    then "./amsn". I there a way I make a shortcut to do this for me?

    2: Volume control?! I have no sound the speakers and soundcard are good...i've tested them under Windows (shudder). I have a feeling the volume might be set to mute somewhere...
    any ideas?

    Thanks in Advance,


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    You should be able to place links on the desktop with KDE. Configure them using the path to the executable, and pick the related icon.

    Volume control: open up bash, and type 'alsamixer' that will bring up the sound card configuration. Use the arrow & the M button to (un)mute the channels and raise the sound level. ESC for exiting alsamixer, # 'alsactl store' for saving your settings so they will be used everytime you boot.

    Good luck.
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